Hivemapper Mapped 1 Million Unique Kilometers

Hivemapper Mapped 1 Million Unique Kilometers

Hivemapper contributors mapped 1M unique road km 5x faster than Google Street View

Today, thanks to the work of map contributors all over the world, Hivemapper eclipsed 1,000,000 KM of unique street-level imagery! Over only the last 3 months, the Hivemapper community has done what took Google Street View 5x longer to do. That is simply incredible. See the last paragraph to learn how we calculated the 5x factor.
We're also happy to announce that, as of March 8th, all pre-orders have been fulfilled (ahead of schedule!), and the core team has shipped significant updates to both the Hivmeapper Dashcam firmware and the Hivemapper App, which have collectively enhanced the contributor experience and made mapping far easier than ever before. Kudos to the core devs that made this possible.

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