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2024 latest | MAX Exchange registration tutorial | MAX Exchange account opening, verification, deposit and withdrawal guide

Why should you choose to register for MAX Exchange? Is MAX Exchange safe? How do newbies open an account and deposit and withdraw funds?

In this article we will tell you step by step, how to register and open an account on MAX Exchange? Is MAX Exchange safe? How to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on MAX Exchange?
And provide you with a discount link to register so that you can get started investing in cryptocurrency for the first time!

☆Is MAX Exchange safe?

𝟭. The first cryptocurrency exchange platform to receive a formal compliance statement from the Financial Supervisory Commission .

𝟮. The first company in Taiwan to provide user assets to a third party (Far East Bank) as a trust guarantee. With the bank as a third-party trust institution, users' personal assets will not be easily affected, preventing users from losing all their assets when problems occur on the platform.

𝟯.Compared with most exchanges that do not have physical business locations, MAX Exchange has physical locations.
(Address: No. 104, Section 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City. It is open for viewing, and you can also ask someone to help you open an account on site)
♦Increase investors’ confidence and don’t worry about finding people.

𝟰. Most user assets are stored in cold wallets (also known as offline wallets). Only users are connected to the Internet when making transactions, so compared with hot wallets, they are less susceptible to attacks by network hackers and have higher security.

𝟱. The daily trading volume is nearly 20 million or more. It has the largest number of users and trading volume in Taiwan. It has good liquidity and ranks among the top 100 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world:

    Data source: coinmarketcap , data date: 2024/02/01

    How to open an account on MAX Exchange

    ➤Step 1: Click on the MAX Exchange web page

    ▼Click the registration link below:

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    ◎Warm reminder:

    Ⅰ. Select "Apply for a Personal Account", enter your email address (as the account used to log in to the platform) and set a password. After registering, don't forget to go to your personal email and click the account activation link to make the account officially effective.

    Ⅱ. The password must be at least 8 digits, and must contain numbers and English letters. English letters must be uppercase and lowercase. It is recommended that the password be stronger. No one wants to make tens of millions through cryptocurrency. Just when they think they are going to gain wealth and freedom, they discover the password. It is too easy to be stolen by hackers, resulting in money being stolen and returning to the road of social welfare.

    Ⅲ. The warning above indicates that some countries have explicitly banned the trading of virtual currencies (for example, many exchanges now prohibit residents of mainland China from registering), so residents of that country cannot use this exchange. MAX currently only provides "Republic of China nationality", and holders of "unrestricted nationality passport" plus "Taiwan Residence Permit" can register.

    ➤Step 2. Go to the email address you just entered to receive the email

    Note: Please click the link within 10 minutes after registering, otherwise the activation link will become invalid and you will need to resend it.
    After clicking the account activation link, you will be directed to MAX's account information page.

    However, due to the tightening of regulations in Taiwan, in the past, you could become a Level 1 member just by activating the account link, but now you must complete the verification of your mobile phone, basic information, Taiwanese nationality or ARC identity before you can become a Level 1 member, and Lv. 1 cannot yet use the New Taiwan Dollar to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. If you want to use the Taiwan Dollar trading function, you need to upgrade to Lv. 2.

    ◎Warm reminder:

    1. The bound bank account (for subsequent investment deductions). If you are in the financial industry (banking, insurance, securities) or have special job attributes, you will be highly supervised by the company. It is recommended not to use the salary transfer bank to deduct funds to avoid what happens to you. Trading too frequently will result in being listed as a warning account, which will affect daily transactions. If you are overly concerned by company personnel because of your investment in cryptocurrency, it will be more troublesome. You can choose to use a less used bank account for deductions.

    2. Since cryptocurrency has been highly sought after by investors recently, more and more people want to open cryptocurrency accounts (such as MAX Exchange) for investment, which makes manual review slower.

      In the past, it might only take 1 to 3 working days for manual review, but now it may take up to 7 to 14 working days. If you still haven't waited for the notification of successful account opening, you can also call MAX Exchange during working hours to inquire about the progress of account opening. Friends said that sometimes the account opening process is much faster this way.

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    MAX Exchange New Taiwan Dollar Deposit and Withdrawal Tutorial

    1. MAX Exchange official New Taiwan Dollar deposit tutorial
    2. MAX Exchange Official New Taiwan Dollar Withdrawal Tutorial

    ★I have already registered, can I still re-register with the invitation code to enjoy the discount?

    Yes, please follow the steps below to register the invitation code " b92bf9e7 "

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    Disclaimer: This article does not constitute any investment opinions or suggestions, nor does it solicit an account opening offer. The information is for readers' reference only. Cryptocurrency investment is a high-risk product. Investors should read the relevant risks and their own risk tolerance to decide whether to invest.


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