RAK Hotspot V2

Update SD card

You may need to replace or rewrite the microSD card that comes with your hotspot if:
  • "Disk Error" shown in diagnostics
  • Unable to start (can no longer connect via Bluetooth after pressing the pairing button)
  • Display green Status LED is always on or flashing
  • Very old block height and/or firmware version shown in diagnostics
  • Power cycling causes unknown micro SD card errors such as file corruption.
  • If you are stuck in the same block after completing 2 diagnostics 24 hours apart
The card is considered a consumable, wear-and-tear, user-replaceable part.
This procedure is only available for MNTD. and RAK v1.5 or v2 hotspot (shipping starting in 2021). The identity of RAK v1 hotspots (devices shipping in 2020) will be stored on the SD card and must be restored from backup.

Steps to take:

1. Download the firmware file (saved as ZIP for best results) (updated to version 2023.04.18.0):

2. Install the balenaEtcher flash tool, you can find Windows, Mac and Linux versions : https://www.balena.io/etcher/
(Optional) New replacement microSD card. We currently recommend the SanDisk or Samsung 64GB High Endurance card.
3. Follow the card replacement procedure:
    1. Power off the hotspot (unplug it)
    2. Carefully remove the tape protecting the microSD card slot, which is located under the gold/black sticker on the side of the hotspot where the antenna is located, next to the status LED.
    3. Remove the microSD card inside, there is a small lip at the bottom that you can use to pull it out, some people prefer to use tweezers.
    4. Use an SD card formatter to perform an "overformat" on the SD card; do not "quick format" it .
    5. It's intuitive to use Balena Etcher's flash cards and compressed img files directly:
    • Select archive
    • Select SD card
    • Flash and wait for verification
  1. Replace the card, making sure it is inserted completely correctly with the brand side down
  2. Connect the hotspot to your Internet router via an Ethernet line.
  3. Power cycle the hotspot.

important hint : After the SD card is refreshed, the hotspot takes at least 30 minutes to initialize properly. During this time, do not reboot or disconnect power or network connections. During this time, Bluetooth will not display correct data either.