Set up your own base station and get rewards (income)

In 2021, SONoC will be the exclusive agent to enter Taiwan. It is still in the early stage in Taiwan, and it is still in the stage of construction. More and more people in Taiwan have started to join and use it.

Can be shipped to Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong

🔵Why can you make money at home?

It is estimated that in the next five years, there will be 75 billion devices that need to be connected to the Internet of Things . Helium has created a global distributed hotspot network, combined with blockchain technology, the deployment of the Helium network requires setting up machines in various places, setting up machines Taiwan, Helium official will provide rewards (virtual currency).

For example, imagine that a telecommunications company needs to build base stations all over Taiwan to have a signal. This machine acts as a base station to provide signal coverage, so that IoT devices can transmit data through the machine you installed. In addition to getting the signal coverage provided rewards, the more people transmit data through your base station in the future, the more virtual currency you will get

in short

Just put this device (LoRa base station) at home to connect to Wi-Fi, provide signal network coverage for Helium, and you can get rewarded virtual currency , which is still working and making money for you when you go to work and sleep, and it is permanent income, to achieve real passive income


Q&A question set

🔴 Q: Can there be many sets at home?
A : No, this is not ideal. Hotspots (called LoRa base stations ) need to be within 900 feet of each other to gain maximum benefit and provide new coverage. Network incentives are designed specifically to encourage broad reach. Multiple hotspots in the same location will not be able to achieve this, so the HNT mined will be significantly lower than the same number of hotspots spread over a larger area. It is recommended to only put one in a family.
🔴 Q: Will it be difficult?
A: You can start by plugging in and connecting to wifi. Other 90% of the questions can be answered on SONoC’s YouTube channel. The products also have after-sales customer service. Professionals will answer your questions, and you can also join non-governmental organizations (FB, line , DC ) communicate and discuss with everyone in it.

Q: How to get money
A: After installing the device, download the helium app and register the wallet

HNT coins will go to your virtual currency wallet, and then transferred to the virtual currency exchange (example: Binance) to realize the transaction
Youtube has a lot of teaching

🔴 Q: Will HNT coins be air coins?
A: HNT tokens will be listed on Binance Exchange in 2020, and can be sold on various exchanges for cash.

🔴 Q: Does the device (LoRa base station) consume a lot of power?
A: It is equivalent to a 5-watt LED light bulb, and the monthly electricity bill is about NT$50 or less.

🔴 Q: Will there be information security issues?
A: The equipment can only be transmitted by converting the wifi signal into Longfi to construct the HNT ecosystem application. There are already 760,000 units in the world, and there is no problem at present.

🔴 Q: Will there be radiation problems?
A: It is very low. It has been placed in the room for 3 years, which is not as good as swiping the mobile phone at close range for 3 hours.
🔴 Q: Where is the ideal location for the hotspot (LoRa base station) ?
A: Hotspots like to be deployed in high places overlooking open spaces. If you have a multi-story home or apartment building, aim for the highest floor with windows. Ideally, your hotspot has a clear view of the sky.
⚠ Avoid placing hotspots where you can't see the outside world: basements, cabinets, behind TVs, metal screens or "network glass" in skyscrapers, etc.
Please be sure to read the lazy bag, there are ways to increase rewards (income)

🔴 Q: How long does it take to pay back?
A: Currency fluctuations will affect the payback time, and the currency value may increase or decrease in the future, so the payback time cannot be guaranteed.

The above content is not investment advice, please regard the content as helium teaching