Hivemapper Partners and Advisors

Raj Gokal
Raj Gokar
COO and Co-Founder, Solana
Amir Haleem
Amir Halim
CEO and Founder of Helium
Spencer Rascoff
Spencer Rascoff
Co-founder and Chairman of Pacaso, former CEO of Zillow
David Rogier
David Rogier
Master Class CEO
Anatoly Yakovenko
Anatoly Yakovenko
Solana CEO and Co-Founder
Bijan Sabet
Billan Sabet
General Partner at Spark Capital, Former Twitter Board Member
Elie Seidman
Eli Seidman
Angel Investor and Entrepreneur, Former CEO of Tinder
Jaron Waldman
Jaylen Waldman
Geo Tech Entrepreneur,
Former Apple Maps executive

Investors in Hivemapper

Hivemapper has raised equity funding from some of the most prominent venture capital (VC) firms in the world, including Spark Capital, Multicoin Capital, Founder Collective, GV, Shine Capital, Craft Ventures, Solana Ventures, and more.

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