Hivmapper Taiwan Street View Construction Competition



We welcome the registration of multiple taxis, general drivers, logistics express and other related industries in Taiwan.

contest theme

This year's competition is divided into individual competitions in six cities (New Taipei, Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung). There are 5 contestants in each county and city (self-provided vehicles are required), and the winner will receive 10,000 yuan. If there are too many applicants, the company will increase the number of games depending on the situation, and the total bonus will exceed 60,000 yuan.

Competition description and precautions:
The competition period lasts for 3 weeks (21 days). For 21 days, the Hivemapper driving recorder provided by the organizer must be used and installed on the car ( as shown below )
Complete photos must be provided according to the official requirements of Hivemapper ( as shown below ):
Camera Orientation: Front, External
✅ ACCEPTABLE: Unobstructed view of roads and buildings The camera is centered on the street with no obstructions (such as a car's hood, dashboard or antenna).
✅ Accepted: Unobstructed views of roads and buildings
The camera is centered on the street and there are no obstacles (for example - the hood of the car, the dashboard or the antenna). A small amount of windshield visible in the lower right corner of the image is acceptable
❌ REJECTIONS: The hood of the car appears too much, with the camera facing down
Too many car hoods are captured in the image. ( This problem can be solved by tilting the camera upwards )
❌ REJECTIONS: Too much sky The camera is pointing up, too much sky is captured in the image, you can't see the lane markings on the road. ( This problem can be fixed by tilting the camera downward. )
Calculation formula:
(Honey coin * 0.7) + (mileage traveled * 0.3) = final points obtained by contestants
 for example:
A driving  A total of 800 Honey coins were obtained, and the driving distance was 1300km (800*0.7)+(1300*0.3)= 950
driving  A total of 900 Honey coins were obtained , and the driving was 800km (900*0.7)+(800*0.3)= 870
👑C driving a total of 1000 Honey coins, driving 1200km (1000*0.7)+(1200*0.3)= 1060
👑 After conversion, C driving has the highest points, so the winner is 👑C driving

Participation form

Contestants need to fully participate in the event process (including Facebook likes, sharing and tracking, participation in competition photos, awards ceremony, etc.).
Participants must comply with the regulations of the competition precautions, and participate in the format required by the organizer throughout the whole process. If the violation (including malicious modification of the machine, cheating, changing internal data, etc.) does not meet the competition specifications, it will be regarded as abstention. The real-time information of the game will publish the weekly score status and the most real-time game status on Facebook and Twitter. Welcome to follow and subscribe to the SONoC community.
After the game - everyone has a prize
All participants can enjoy a product discount of 1,000 yuan if they want to purchase the Hivemapper driving recorder after the race, and can join the SONoC team to enjoy 20% of the HONEY coins.

Note: There is no fee to join the SONoC fleet.

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